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Our candidates are passionate, driven, and dedicated to their next level in life

Maximizing investment in human capital is a key challenge for any organization. We offer a broad spectrum of staffing services that  help companies with: Direct Hire Placements; Contract-to-Direct; Contract Staffing; and Intern  Search solutions. We offer & Understudy, and Onboarding and Payroll.


Each level is cumulative and incorporate options to retain, contract on contingency or temporary staffing placements and Intern level project solutions.  You now have a flexible, efficient and affordable way to obtain the top talent you need.

We are the partner you will ALWAYS count on!

If you’re looking to fill your  vacancies quickly and successfully, we can supplement your in-house recruitment capabilities save time and reduce cost.

Let’s get started


Recruiting Premier Personal, Virtual & Executive Level Assistants. Providing high level administrative and organizational support. This individual is the gatekeeper of time and will be the main point of contact surfacing the urgent and 'need to know' items accordingly while maintaining and managing company operations.

estate MTG

Many professionals are in need of Estate Management. We search for the very best candidates to fill these positions. We look for  experience as head steward of a large household, but more specifically a person who speaks, makes arrangements, or takes charge for another broadly : a person who can run an enterprise. Do you have a residential enterprise?


Glass Buildings



This PREMIER VIRTUAL ASSISTANT will have  General and Commercial Construction  experience with the ability  to read blueprints and general knowledge of the fundamentals of building a project from beginning to end. Contract drafting and negotiations

Construction Law and , in some cases we will recruit for entry level positions such as General Laborer's and more. 

Social Media

In today's world Social Media is King! This platform is often used as a significant resource  for small and large companies alike. We are joining that movement and also focusing on the recruitment of PREMIER VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS to assist small businesses with social media management. This is a great answer to staying relevant to a generation of consumers who frequently visit the information hangouts we refer to as social media.


In some instances an employer may need to recruit and staff with small risk. Let us connect you with an Intern, it is a WIN WIN!

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