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Squared Apple 

Recruitment and Staffing

SQUARED APPLE takes a personal approach to our recruiting process. In addition to the standard processes we ask our candidates to complete a questionnaire and an employment goal design. 

This allows a cultivation of the best candidate.

Staffing and recruitment have an underlying current of relationship building.

Therefore, gaining an understanding of the character traits of both the client and candidate is for the betterment of staff placement

innovative and creative with proven results

A boutique recruiting and staffing firm with focus to place PREMEIR VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS nationwide.

It is our belief that happy
employees build a legacy. One of our core values is to place to please, both candidate and client.
When the right candidate is placed the worry of constant replacing dissolves.
We are committed to being a part of employee happiness by making sure our candidates are fulfilled.

We strive to ensure our candidates have placements that will inspire a level of true passion and will also relate to their own current ambitions.
Those relations will not only build confidence but it will ensure that both our candidate and client are truly  satisfied 

Our passion is staffing

Competitive wages are grand way of capturing but, most importantly retaining
our candidates.

we offer  wages that will incentivize longevity and commitment. 

Our people are

our priority

Now that you are a little more familiar with our company, are you ready to start?

Pick up the phone and call us TODAY!


We are here also to help you understand how this company can be the BEST assistance to all your recruiting and staffing needs.

Together, WE will SUCCEED!

Ready? set...Go!

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't - you're right "

-Henry Ford

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