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Career Development Services

SQUARED Apple Staffing & Recruitment Firm also offers affordable Career Development!

SAS trained staff will work with each individual to design a plan outlining the skills and relevant education or training required to reach an employment goal. We will also make plans to achieve steady, long-term employment and provide more broad access and choice of opportunities.

We assist with all aspects of job search and maintaining employment to include resume building, interview preparation, salary negotiation, success coaching and, much more.

Contact an Advocate today for more info about out Career Development services!

AFFORDABLE & DELAYED payment plans available!

Career Development Services

Whether you are a corporate guru, a stay-at-home mom, a person with a disability, a proud baker, or a student, you long to achieve your “personal best” and live your dream career.


Let us help you discover the personal power it takes to achieve employment transformation.

Those who work with SQUARED Apple Staffing's career development division can expect to see powerful changes in many areas; some examples include: new career levels, clearing up conflict at work, or simply regaining a powerful new attitude towards life.


Individual Connection

Format:One-on-one coaching sessions at a location most comfortable for client.

Group Connections

Format: Workshops, classes and in-depth career guidance.

Career Connection

Format: One-on-one career consulting.

This service includes a career assessment, assistance with career placement, career coaching, monitoring and retention on the job.

Speaking Engagements 

Format: Public appearances by appointment only.


For more detailed info, rates, to schedule an appointment or event, please contact us by phone, email, social media or click link to book now!



  • Email setup

  • Career counseling


  • Empowerment


  • Job readiness training


  • Resume assistance


  • Skills Training


  • Long term Employment supports


  • Effective communication with Employers


  • Interview preparation training


  • Online application training


  • Job search training


  • Employment retention training


  • Resume service


  • Information/reference sheet preparation

  • Assist in "Unblocking " barriers to employment


  • Build confidence/positive reinforcement


  • Emphasize abilities versus disabilities


  • Build support systems on and off the job


  • Client Advocacy


  • On the job coaching


  • Job Shadowing

  • Salary Negotiation and/or Position Negotiation

  • Cover letter and Thank you letter

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